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This Week in eCommerce
November 11 -15

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This week’s wrap up includes articles that centre around how brick-and-mortar retailers are tackling the challenges brought about by eCommerce. Kate Spade and Gap Inc. are embracing the changes in consumer behavior by offering an omnichannel experience through Kate Spade’s eCommerce optimized video and the Gap’s new “Reserve In Store” service. Additionally, retailers can consider findings from the Conversion Rate Optimization Report on the benefits of A/B testing. Lastly, product visibility is vital to any eCommerce business. Get the scoop in our Weekly Wrap Up!

Kate Spade: Video eCommerce

Article: Like What You See? Kate Spade Video Ad Designed for Instant Shopping
Source: Mashable

Fashion brand Kate Spade is on the leading edge of online retailing. The company’s latest marketing tactic is a user engaging video that directly links the customer to the company’s eCommerce site. Click on the image below to experience the eCommerce video!

Sunday Delivery for Amazon Prime Members

Article: Amazon To Start Sunday Deliveries In LA, New York and London For Prime Customers
Source: TechCrunch

For the first time, Amazon and the United Sates Postal Service (USPS) are partnering up to offer shipping on Sundays, in time for the holiday shopping rush. The two most populous U.S cities, New York and LA can expect to receive this service. In order to take advantage of this service, customers have to sign up for Amazon Prime’s preferred treatment program for $79 per year.

Product Visibility in eCommerce

Article: An eCommerce Study Guidelines for Better Navigation Categories
Source: Smashing Magazine

Product visibility is key to any eCommerce business. If a customer cannot find and locate a product, they cannot buy it. Baymard Institute conducted a large-scale usability research study on the product-finding experience. Websites were tested on its one-on-one usability testing: pages, design elements, category navigation, subcategories and product lists. The key finding observed: When subjects are not able to find a particular product type, they would automatically assume that the online retailer did not carry the product. This not only affects the online retailer’s immediate sales, it also impacts the company’s future losses.

Bridging the Gap Between Retail and eCommerce

Article: Gap Inc. Pushes Omnichannel Focus
Source: Women’s Wear Daily

Once again Gap Inc. continues to bring the omnichannel experience to its consumers. As this article puts it, “Gap Inc. once in the vanguard of progressive marketing, is pitching innovation as part of its culture again.” The company is reporting improved sales and profits by striving to “omnify” its online and brick-and–mortar experiences to sustain momentum. The company has been looking at its data, testing the personalization of its websites, and shipping online orders from select stores. Most recently, Gap Inc. is extending the omnichannel experience with its Reserve in Store service. Shoppers can select items online to hold in the stores for later purchase and pickup.

Results from Conversion Rate Optimization Report

Article: 71% of Companies Test Their Websites: Stats
Source: eConsultancy

Findings from the 5th annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report show that companies with improved conversion rates carry out 50% more tests on their websites than companies whose conversion didn’t improve. 7% of companies do not test at all. 60% of companies carry out one or two A/B multivariate tests a month. Setting up the test, analyzing the results and deciding what to test prove to be the most challenging aspects of testing. Check out the article for more information.

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