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This Week in eCommerce:
May 5 – 9

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As technology continues to change, improve, and grow, businesses follow. Businesses have been moving online for a while now and they are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their customers. The most recent advances come from none other than Google, as they expand their same-day delivery service which allows customers to shop their favorite local stores from an online catalog! Twitter also teams up with Amazon to release a new hashtag feature, which allows customers to add whatever product they see to their Amazon cart without even leaving their dashboard. On the flipside, Canada Post and Jacob Inc. struggle with the new trends of online shopping. Canada Post is undergoing many changes to keep up with the changing marketplace and deal with huge losses incurred over the last few years. Lastly, Jacob Inc. gets the biggest hit as they file for bankruptcy after years of struggles. Check out the summaries below for our Weekly Wrap Up!

Canada Post Sees a Whooping $193-million Loss for 2013

Article: Canada Post’s Losses Mount Amid ‘Huge Challenges’
Source: The Globe and Mail

Canada Post has seen its third straight year of operating losses for 2013. With people moving away from mail as a way of communicating, they are losing their economies of scale as revenues barely grow by 0.4% in the past year. To deal with the new challenges, Canada Post is going through many changes including price increases and business restructuring. They are gradually transforming themselves from a predominantly letter delivery company to a parcel company. This transformation will help the company stay relevant in the new generation of technology and online shopping.

Google Expands Their Same-day Delivery Service, “Shopping Express”

Article: Google Expands Same-day Shopping Service to LA & NYC
Source: Venture Beat

Google’s new fleet of trucks aren’t being used for mapping but for ‘Shopping Express’ – a same-day delivery service! Having begun in San Francisco, the new service has expanded to the New York and Los Angeles areas. As the new service offers same-day delivery from local stores, it is evolving these stores into distribution centers in addition to being normal shopping outlets. With Amazon, eBay Now, Walmart, and Instacart also in this space, it may just become retailing’s next evolution!

Twitter’s Newest #amazoncart Feature Allows Customers to Shop With Hashtags

Article: Twitter and Amazon Go Hashtag Shopping and Solve a Problem No One Ever Had
Source: Businessweek

With Twitter’s newest feature, you can now shop on Amazon without even being on the Amazon website! Simply hashtag #amazoncart when you see something you want on Twitter and it will automatically be added to your cart. Theoretically, not only will this increase Amazon’s sales, but increase the use of Twitter and potentially bring other businesses onboard to work with Twitter. This is supposed to remove the obstacle of forgetting to purchase something that was seen on Twitter, though we’re not yet sure if this was a big enough problem to have a significant effect on Amazon’s sales. As any new idea would, there are some cynics that are unsure if this service will really catch on. Only time will tell.

Jacob Inc. Says Farewell as they File for Bankruptcy

Article: Jacob’s End: Canadian Retailer Jacob Files for Bankruptcy
Source: Canadian Living

Jacob Inc. will be no more in just a few weeks as the Canadian women’s clothing retailer files for bankruptcy. The company has been struggling since November 2010 as it went through operation restructuring and unfortunately wasn’t able to survive the influx of international retailers in the marketplace as well as the increase in online shopping. Perhaps we’ll see Jacob Inc. again in the future if they decide to put their efforts into an online strategy, like Joe Fresh and Roots has done which has brought them much international success. While the president remains proud of their work and wishes the remaining Canadian retailers the best of luck, we’ll say bye for now.

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