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This Week in eCommerce
May 27 – 31

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles in eCommerce to share with our followers. This week we saw a lot of buzz about Twitter’s new Lead Generation Card, growth in B2B eCommerce as well as the benefits of a collaborative online shopping experience. To view the Top articles, check out the post below.

A Social Way to Generate Leads

Article: Capture User Interest With the Lead Generation Card
Source: Twitter Advertising

Recently, Twitter announced a new addition to their suite of Twitter Cards – The Lead Generation Card; a tool that makes it easy for users to express interest in your brand. How does the Lead Generation Card work? When Twitter users expand a Tweet, they will be able to see a description of the company, brand or product offering plus a call to action. All users have to do is answer the call and a lead is generated.  By clicking on a button, a user’s information is sent directly and securely to the company. A lead is automatically generated. This feature is currently available to Twitter Managed clients; however, plans are in the works to globally launch this feature to small and medium-sized businesses.

Preparing your eCommerce Site for International Business

Article: A Map of Global Marketing Success
Source: Tech News World

Knowing who your customers are and what they want is not enough to maximize eCommerce success on an international scale.  Like traditional business decorum, having an understanding of a client’s culture and seasonality can help retailers connect with customers.  Gil Levy, managing partner with ECommerce Partners suggests, having specific sites hosted and designed for specific countries. For eCommerce companies wanting to take their business globally, it is important to consider the entire shopping experience when designing their sites and marketing initiatives. Matching eCommerce strategies with the cultural expectations of international customers will help retailers connect with their customers.

Collaborative Online Shopping

Article: Collaborative Online Shopping: The Next Wave in eCommerce
Source: E-Commerce Times

eCommerce and the of online shopping experience is changing from a solitary experience to a social event as a result of the growth and global popularity of social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. There are five key elements most important to online shoppers including the convenience of obtaining expert advice and product reviews. How do retailers benefit from collaborative online shopping? The business advantages include brand engagement, increased time spent on a site, and more page views.  Furthermore, collaboration tools have the potential to capture business intelligence and buying sentiments allowing for targeting and personalization.

Growth in B2B eCommerce

Article: B2B eCommerce is Poised for Growth
Source: Internet Retailer

More and more B2B purchases and transactions are occurring online.  According to a 2013 State of B2B Procurement Study by Acquity Gorup LLC, it was discovered that 57% of business buyers purchased goods for their companies.  Furthermore, 37% are expected to allocate more of their annual budgets online in the following year, signaling the potential growth of B2B eCommerce. “With online spending to rise in the next year, suppliers who don’t invest in eCommerce and multichannel initiatives will miss out on revenue gains form this channel.” Robert Barr, Senior Vice President of Acquity Gorup.

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