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This Week in eCommerce
May 13 – May 17

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles in eCommerce to share with our followers. This week we saw buzz about Canada’s growing eCommerce, consumer perceptions toward taxes and free shipping for online purchases along with some key notes on harnessing the potential of Mobile Commerce and Social Media. To view the Top articles, check out the post below.

Challenges for Canada’s Growing eCommerce

Article: Dx3: Canada Post Digital Delivery President on Challenges for Canada’s Growing eCommerce
Source: The Huffington Post: Business

In a series of interviews with Dx3 Conversation Studio Speakers, you can really see the shifting landscape of Canada’s eCommerce, in particular some of the challenges Canada’s growing eCommerce is facing. Kerry Munro, Group President of Digital Delivery says, “One hand, Canadians are engaged online unlike any other country when you measure behaviour on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other sites. On the other, Canadian E-commerce consumer engagement pales in comparison to other countries.” Furthermore, the challenge and opportunity for Canadians is to collaboratively solve this disconnect.

Harnessing the Potential of Mobile Commerce

Article: Optimizing an eCommerce Site for Mobile Shopping
Source: Practical eCommerce Insights for Online Metrics

To help tablet and Smartphone shoppers take part in the mobile commerce, improving a page load time and optimizing it for easy use, may be one of the most important features for online merchants. Mobile commerce has reached between $U.S 5.7 and $U.S 8.75 billion in the first quarter of this year.  As a result, these growth estimates have encouraged some online retailers to implement steps to improve the shopping experience for site visitors using Smartphones and tablets.  Here is an example of how luxury brands are acknowledging the changing habits of their target audience by creating responsive, mobile sites. Optimization is no longer enough to excite and engage consumers. Retailers risk leaving smartphone users dissatisfied if they overlook some of the must-haves for a mobile strategy.

Taxes and Online Shopping

Article: Half of Online Shoppers Pay Sales Taxes Already: More Than Half Say They Receive Free Shipping
Source: Internet Retailer

This article reveals some insightful facts on consumer perceptions about sales taxes, free shipping and other online purchasing habits. A recent survey by Bizrate Insights suggests that charging sales tax for web purchases may not dissuade consumers from buying online.  They found 50.93% of online shoppers had paid sales tax on their most recent online purchase, while just over half or 53.57% said they had received free shipping in most recent online purchases.

Drive Millions of Visitors to Your eCommerce Site Using Pinterest

Article: Benefits of Using Pinterest in Your Social Media Campaign
Source: eCommerce Rules

This article is great for those retailers really looking into adding Pinterest as part of their Social Media Marketing campaign.  Pinterest is a great social media network that acts like a visual scrapbook where users can add visual content that is easily sharable among other Pinterest boards.  Pinterest is a great way for retailers to shocase photos of their products or videos of how their products are used.

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