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This Week in eCommerce:
March 10 – 14

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This week’s Wrap Up brings you eCommerce news from within the industry and around the world. Amazon announced a price increase of Amazon Prime. Soon Prime will cost $99 a year. Within a week the the yearly memberships will increase by $20. How does social commerce measure up? Shopify analyzed 37 million social visits to its merchant stores and discovered that they led to significant sales in eCommerce in 2013. U.S merchants will soon be able to sell on China’s Tmall; however, there are still barriers that merchants will likely face.

Amazon Prime Increases to $99

Article: Amazon Prime to Cost $99 a Year
Source: TechCrunch

Planning on renewing your Amazon Prime subscription? Well the day has finally come, although some wished it hadn’t, Amazon has announced its price increase for Prime. Amazon Prime will soon cost $99 a year. Within a week, the price to renew existing memberships will increase by $20 from $79.99. This announcement is said to be coming off the tail end of Amazon’s reported disappointing earnings for the previous holiday quarter.

How Does Social Commerce Measure Up

Article: Shopify Examines Social ROI For Commerce Sties, Finds Facebook Dominates But Reddit is Growing
Source: TechCrunch

How much value do commerce sites get from social media engagement? Shopify analyzed 37 million social visits to its merchant stores and discovered that social commerce led to a total of 529,000 in eCommerce sales for 2013. So what works in social media commerce? Reddit is the fastest-growing source of orders among social sites but Facebook continues to top the charts in terms of converting social shares to eCommerce dollars.

ChannelAdvisor Corp. Will Start Supporting U.S Sellers on Tmall

Article: A Shorter Route to China
Source: Internet Retailer

China’s dominant eCommerce marketplace operator signed a deal designed to make it easy for U.S. merchants to sell online in China. ChannelAdvisor Corp. announced at its annual Catalyst client conference in Las Vegas, that its platform will start supporting sellers on Tmall. U.S merchants will be able to sell directly to Chinese shoppers. Over 140 merchants currently sell on Tmall Global, which will likely grow as ChannelAdvisor brings over 2,400 merchants. There are still barriers for merchants who are interested in selling in China will likely face.

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