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This Week in eCommerce
June 8-14

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles in eCommerce to share with our followers. This week we saw a lot of buzz about Facebook’s resent announcement of searchable hashtags, the importance of real time advertising for mobile, and news about the current state of European eCommerce. To view the Top articles, check out the post below.

Facebook’s Much Anticipated Rollout of Hashtags #Finally

Article:Introducing Hashtags on Facebook

Everyday, billions of pieces of content are shared on Facebook. But how do you get your brand and products noticed among the sea of content? Introducing the hashtag (#).  Facebook launched hashtag capability on its social media platform.  Now companies can amplify their campaigns by including hashtags in Facebook advertising. “Hashtags are a first step in surfacing relevant and important public conversations.” Additionally, hashtags can drive conversations about a business or topic, giving users an overall view of what’s trending.

Why is Mobile Marketing and Real Time Advertising so Important?

Article: The Waze Craze: Why Google Outbid Facebook, Apple to Acquire the Mapping Service
Source: Mobile Marketer

Google has outbid Facebook and Apple in acquiring Waze – a navigation application that allows drivers to build and use live maps, as well as browse real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn directions. This acquisition is an example of just how crucial location data is to mobile commerce. “The bells and whistles are nice, but mapping is a game that is won on data — socially oriented data is becoming more and more important for real time relevance,” says Michael Boland, senior analyst and director of content at BIA/Kelsey. Waze offers Google a strategic advantage with its location-based data, services and infrastructure. Mobile users are expected to spend an increasing amount of time accessing maps form their mobile devices, implying that Google will now be able to harness this data to boost its own mapping services and provide users with real time updates.

The Race for Europe’s Web Sales

Article: The Race is on for Europe’s Web Sales
Source: Internet Retailer

Europe is the worlds largest eCommerce market.  40 U.S companies are ranked on Internet Retailer 2013 Europe 500 list. Collectively, the 40 U.S web retailers experienced low web merchant sales growth.  Compared to European overall sales, U.S web merchants experienced a sales increase by only 14% while total sales for European eCommerce grew at a rate of 17% since 2012. Slow sales growth rates for U.S web merchants, can be attributed to stiffer competition from large European retail chains and direct marketers developing new local markets across Europe.

The Biggest Mobile Advertisers by Volme

Article: Amazon, Toyota, Google, the Biggest Mobile Advertisers by Volume: Report
Source: Mobile Marketer

Amazon, Toyota and Google had more unique mobile ads than any other brands from July 2012 to March 2013. Nearly every major advertiser in the country is using or testing mobile advertising and activity levels.  Retail, entertainment and media, technology, travel and tourism as well as automotive are the industries most engaged in mobile advertising.

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