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This Week in eCommerce
June 22 – 28

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles in eCommerce to share with our followers. Have you ever seen something on TV and wished you could buy it instantly? Well we found news about Delivery Agent and PayPal’s commitment to making this happen! Additionally, we heard a lot of buz around Facebook’s newsfeed ads plus the expected growth of eCommerce in Asia-Pacific. To view the top articles, check out the post below.

A New Home Shopping Experience

Article: Delivery Agent PayPal Inc T-Commerce Pact
Source: Multi Channel

PayPal and Delivery Agent Inc. have joined forces in an effort to boost TV shopping transactions. Delivery Agent Inc. is an eCommerce services and technology firm.  They will provide PayPal with the technology to make the check-out process easy for customers to make purchases through their television.  Delivery Agent released a study and found that 68% of respondents were interested in using their TVs to shop. Currently, Delivery Agent has been working with TV operators including FiOS TV, Comcast and AT&T’s U-verse.  Clothing, food & entertainment, health & Beauty, travel and automotive were the most popular product categories for TV-based purchasing. This week eBay announced they have joined Delivery Agent Inc. in an effort to improve user experience and retailer conversions by making it easy for shoppers to make purchases via TV remote controls.

NEW App Slyce: How to Use Your Camera Phone for Shopping

Article: Shopping with a Mobile Device’s Camera
Source: Internet Retailer

Introducing Slyce Commerce, a new app that bridges the gap between product discovery and product purchase. Users can take a photograph of an item and search the web using that image. Slyce will call a list of places where the product is available.  Retailers can sell items through the app by connecting their product catalogs to Slyce’s network and allowing the app to access the retailers order management system directly. Slyce’s commerce platform is not restricted to just image search but barcodes, QR codes and sounds are also searchable on the Slyce Commerce Platform.

Facebook News Feed Advertising

Article: Facebook News Feed Ads Generate 49x more clicks at 45% less cost (study)
Source: VentureBeat

Social media advertising is no longer the underdog of online advertising.  Facebook’s News Feed ads have been producing some astonishing statistics. According to a study conducted by AdRoll, Facebook’s Newsfeed Ad Exchange receives higher click-through rates than standard web retargeting strategies.  Additionally, Facebook ads garner 49 times the click-through rate of right-hand side ads.  According to the study, news feed ads provide almost 50 times the clicks per ad compared to Facebook’s right-hand side ads which produce only 20 times the clicks of standard web targeting ads. News Feed Ads are available through Facebook’s News Feed Ad Exchange.

Significant Growth Expected for eCommerce in Asia-Pacific

Article: A $1.2 Trilion Global Pay Day For eCommerce
Source: Internet Retailer

Online sales are expected to increase 17.1% over 2012 to $1.22 trillion in goods and services. The Asia-Pacific region in particular China, is anticipated to drive this growth by more than 50%. Currently, the United States is the world’s largest eCommerce market.  It is expected to generate $395.28 billion in B2C eCommerce sales. eMarketers are keeping their eye on the Asia-Pacific region as the percentage of consumers who make online purchases are expected to grow from 44.6% to 54.2% in 2017.

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