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This Week in eCommerce
June 15-21

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles in eCommerce to share with our followers. This week we saw a lot of buzz about some really cool features emerging for the world of eCommerce.  Instagram debuted a NEW video sharing feature for its app, while launched a new Call to Action Feature.  Not to mention Apple’s iOS7 making mobile commerce easier than ever.  To view the top articles, check out the post below.

Introducing Video on Instagram

Article: Instagram Launches 15-Second Video Sharing Feature, With 13 filters and Editing

Instagram, the extremely popular photo-sharing app debuted a new video sharing feature called “Video On Instagram”. This new feature allows its 130 million monthly users to record and edit up to 15-seconds of footage. Additionally, users can tack on any of its 13 new filters specially created for video. With the introduction of Video on Instagram, Facebook’s Instagram sharing service now firmly positions the company against Twitter and its short video sharing service-Vine.

Yelp’s Call to Action Feature

Article: Yelp Introduces New Promotional Tool for Business
Source: Open Forum announced a new “Call to Action” feature for its customer review site. Business owners can promote deals or specific actions on their Yelp profiles while seamlessly transitioning the customer from its company profile to company website in order to complete a transaction. According to Yelp’s VP of Business Products Vivek Patel, Yelp’s new call to action feature “is designed to increase the revenue potential Yelp provides to business owners with the ability to promote a specific action they’d like consumers to take”. The Call to Action feature is available for both desktop and mobile browsing.

Apple Inc.’s iOS7 Could Enhance Mobile Commerce

Article: Apple’s New Mobile Operating System May Presage a Biggger Step Into Mobile Commerce
Source: Internet Retailer

A new version of Apple Inc.’s mobile operating system, iOS7 is said to have components and features that make it easy for consumers to make online purchases using their mobile device. iOS7 has two features that have the potential to enhance the mobile shopping experience including iCloud Keychain and AirDrop. iCloud Keychain allows users to store passwords, addresses and payment card information on secure Apple servers while AirDrop is a file sharing service that enables users to drag and drop a file or send files wirelessly. Apple’s iOS7 has the potential to streamline the mobile checkout process, making it easy for consumers to engage in mobile commerce.

Indoor Positioning

Article: A Concierge App Lets Retailers Send Offers Based on Precise Location In-Store
Source: Internet Retailer

GPS has the ability to narrow a location down to an address; however, isolating a smartphone users’ location indoors is difficult. Indoor positioning is the implementation of sensors mounted in stores or destinations to pinpoint a smartphone users location indoors. Google Inc., Nokia and Qualcomm have committed to making indoor positioning a reality. Indoor positioning has the potential to greatly impact the promotional and marketing initiatives of retailers. According to Forrester Research Inc. analyst Tony Costa says, “Retailers, start-ups and venues are creating indoor positioning-enabled apps that improve engagement through personalized service, action-based rewards, augmented experiences and targeted offers.”

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