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This Week in eCommerce
July 8 – 12

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Every week we like to put together a collection of great articles on eCommerce to share with our viewers. This week’s wrap up summarizes three great articles on mobile marketing plus a look at how Millennials shop.  eMarketer released a great report on the divergence of traditional commerce with eCommerce, while retailers are considering third party payment solutions to manage mobile sales, and lastly, an example of responsive design email template solutions.  To view this week’s top stores, check out the post below!

“Electronic” Commerce to “Everywhere” Commerce

Article:Marketers Keep Up with Divergent Behavior on Smartphones and Tablets
Source: eMarketer

According to eMarketer’s report, “Key Digital Trends for mid year 2013: The Fragmentation of Mobile” advertising and commerce solutions will need to respond to not only different screen sizes, but also to different screen uses. eMarketer reports that mobile is no longer a monolithic category, instead the mobile category is fragmented into two categories: smartphone and tablet. The study highlights significant behavioural differences between smartphone and tablet owners, signalling an important factor for marketers to consider when looking to drive consumers into stores. The key take away is that with eCommerce, mCommerce and traditional commerce practices are diverging and that “eCommerce is no longer just electronic commerce. Now, it’s everywhere commerce”. (

Third-party Payment Solution Keeps Retailers in Control of Data

Article: Retailers’ Customer Relationships Are Coveted Prize in Race to Mobile Payments
Source: Mobile Commercial Daily

As shoppers continue to participate in mobile shopping (mCommerce) the need for mobile capable payment systems arise. Retailers are taking the necessary steps to secure their critical relationships with customers by participating in mCommerce. Gooogle, ISIS and credit other third-party card networks are leaders of mobile payments; however, retailers are apprehensive about consolidating private label store credit cards with third-party mobile payment solutions. The concern is that retailers can potentially lose control over the consumer data usually collected through store credit cards. Alliance Data has developed third party payment solution that keeps the retailer in complete control of customer data.

Responsive Email Templates

Article: Mobile-optimized e-mails boost revenue at Beyond The Rack
Source: Internet Retailer

Responsive design is about creating an optimal viewing experience for online users of multiple platforms. Beyond the Rack has recognized its importance and rolled out a series of mobile-optimized emails designed for smartphone screens. Beyond The Rack’s templates adjust to the viewing screen. For instance, the template for a mobile email would vertically stack primary content in order to better fit a narrow display. Likewise desktop emails feature content in the center of the screen. Beyond the Rack’s responsive design email templates prove to be successful, as it has already increased merchant click through rates by 15%.

A Millennial’s Path to Purchase

Article: How Millennials Shop
Source: eMarkter

Millennials have grown up with the Internet and completely embrace eCommerce. In a study conducted by DDB Worldwide, males and females ages 18 to 34 were more likely than their 35 to 64 year-old counterparts to engage in nearly every online shopping activity. Furthermore, 40% of males and 33% of females responded that they would ideally buy everything online. Online retail stores and comparison sites continue to be a critical part of a millennials path to purchase.

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