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This Week in eCommerce
July 29 – Aug 2

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It’s Back-To-School! For parents out there this IS the most wonderful time of the year. But for students and interns like myself, we are holding on to the last few weeks of summer before we get back to writing term papers and exams. Every week we like to gather some of the top articles on eCommerce and share it with our readers. This week’s wrap up has some interesting articles on how online retailers are taking advantage of one of the largest shopping seasons in retail. To view this week’s top stories, check out the post below!


Article: J.C. Penny Sprints Ahead In Back-To-School Web Traffic
Source: Market Watch

It is the retail industry’s second-largest selling season after the holiday shopping rush. J.C.Penney Co.’s Chief Executive Mike Ullman aims to reverse declining sales by focusing the company’s attention online. According to research firm Experian Marketing Services, ranked in second place after Wal-Mart as one of the top online retail sites receiving online traffic from back-to-school search terms. The company has beat out rivals Macy’s, Amazon, and Target according to data collected by Experian Marketing Services.

eCommerce and the Magazine Publishing Industry

Article: Magalogues Vs. Catalogues 2.0
Source: Marketing Mag

The traditional revenue model for magazines was simple: sell advertising space, produce content and leave it to the marketer to close the sale. Rogers Media’s Canadian and American Magazine’s LouLou and Lucky Magazine respectively, made the connection between magazine content and commerce. They have been able to monetize their magazines so that readers can click on a link embedded within the content to purchase an item directly. This is an opportunity for brands to participate in this new revenue stream of creating shoppable content. According to internal research conducted by Rogers Media, 9 out of 10 readers purchase at least one of the approximately 600 items showcased within LouLou Magazines.

We even have one of our very own clients, eLUXE, whose business model is a unique publishing-commerce hybrid. Check out their site here. This type of business is definitely gaining more traction in the online market.

Domino’s eCommerce Success

Article: Domino’s Hailed a True Online Retailer as it Posts eCommerce and mCommerce growth
Source: Internet Retailing

Domino’s Pizza has embraced the digital world and experienced rapid growth in eCommerce and mobile sales. Domino’s Pizza experienced online sales growth of 29.2% during the first half of its financial year. Online sales account for 63.3% of delivered sales in the UK, 27.5% of online orders were made via mobile device. The company’s dramatic success in eCommerce is due in part to the introduction of new iPhone and iPad apps. Additionally, a 12-week football themed sitcom streamed on YouTube resulting in click-through rates five times higher than industry norm.

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