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This Week in eCommerce
July 14 – 19

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Every week we put together a collection of great articles on eCommerce to share with our viewers. This week we found some great articles that describe Best Buy’s newest brand extension (VIVA) and’s new direct marketing strategy. We’ve also included a great article introducing an improved Gmail extension for and another on using email programs to mitigate shopping cart abandonment. To view this week’s top stores, check out the post below!

Introducing Best Buys New Brand Extension: VIVA

Article: Can Best Buy’s Geek Squad Sell Toothpaste?
Source: Marketing Mag

Known as Canada’s leading home electronics retailer, Best Buy Canada has released a new brand extension called “Viva from Best Buy”.  This is a new online initiative for the electronic company as they prepare the company for an economic boom in the Canadian eCommerce industry. The focus is to cater to Canadian women by offering a wide selection of products as their slogan suggests, “From baby strollers to lipstick, yoga mats to vitamins & supplements, VIVA from Best Buy is your one destination for everything you need to support and enhance the way you live.” Also check out Home & Lifestyle from Best Buy. Offers a New Customization Feature

Article: Bye Bye Daily Flash Sales
Source: Betashop changes up their direct marketing eCommerce campaign and opts out of sending its customers flash sales emails.  Instead, introduces a new follow feature that will personalize the customer experience based on what the user follow. customers will be able to follow their category of choice (e.g. departments, topics etc.).  Users will have complete control over what they follow and how they will be notified.

Email Workflows for Abandoned Shopping Carts

Article: Email Programs: A Best Practice to End Shopping Cart Abandonment
Source: Small Business Trends

Shopping cart abandonment can happen for many reasons. The most popular reasons are shipping and handling costs. In order to end shopping cart abandonment, it is suggested to develop a series of follow up emails. Experts recommend sending a series of three emails that acknowledge the customer and offer assistance, create a sense of urgency as items are not guaranteed to remain available, and lastly a follow up offer where the online merchant can offer something to sweeten the deal such as free shipping.

Cirrus Insight Gmail Extension for

Article: Cirrus Insight Gives Salesforce Users DIY Flexibility
Source: eCommerce Times

Cirrus Insight upgraded its Gmail extension for This application was reformulated with the intent of simplifying its use. One of its prominent features includes the ability to customize the extension based on the needs of the industry or individual business. So how does Gmail fit in? As users exchange emails with prospects and clients, the Cirrus Insight extension for Gmail, will allow the user to easily create new customer records, manage leads, tasks, opportunities and update them accordingly from their Gmail inbox.

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