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This Week in eCommerce
July 1 – 5

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles on eCommerce to share with our followers.  This week, Twitter introduces a new targeting tool for marketers while eBay strives to improve its site functionality with a new search tool, and lastly mobile continues to prove its effectiveness in the digital market. To view this week’s top stories, check out the post below!

Twitter Announces New Targeting Tools

Article: Twitter Unleashes New Targeting Tools
Source: Internet Retailer

Social media continues to offer marketers new ways of reaching their target market. Since Facebook’s launch of Instagram Video, Twitter has announced new targeting tools that allow marketers to reach their desired consumer. Twitter users will soon be seeing advertisements based on user behavior across the web. Similar to Facebook’s customer audiences tool, Twitter will allow marketers to use third party data in order to target users based on their actions beyond the social network.  Actions include personal information, site visits and more. Additionally, Twitter will allow marketers to increase the prominence of a post through tweet promotions; however, Twitter users will be able opt out of targeting campaigns facilitated by third party data.

Platform First Approach to Mobile Advertising

Article: Why The Best Mobile ad Campaigns Start with Technology and not Creative
Source: Venture Beat

International Ad Festival, Cannes Lions had over 1,000 entries in the mobile category. Although ad campaigns were evaluated based on a combination of creativity, idea, execution and relevance, the use of technology was at the heart of the competition. The winning mobile campaigns integrated mobile technology into user experience. There are over a dozen unique interactive mobile features that companies can use in a mobile advertising campaign; however, creative teams should consider a platform first approach to developing mobile advertising campaigns.

eBay Introduces a New Search Engine for its Site

Article: eBay introduces a site search tool designed to bring more products into view
Source: Internet Retailer

eBay introduces a site search tool called Cassini for its North American users. Cassini will replace the sites old search engine in hopes to dramatically improve site functionality. Cassini will improve the online marketplace by promptly surfacing more seller listings, improve product recommendations and organize the sites indexing into a catalog format. Before Cassini, sellers would have to wait a few days before they would be able to view their listing.  Now, eBays’ new search engine promises to be more relevant and efficient.

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