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This Week in eCommerce
January 2012

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I would like to start off our return of This week in eCommerce with a very delayed Happy New Years from the team at Demac Media. This is the first post I have done for this week in eCommerce so I thought I would simply sum up the month so far with a few industry news articles. Starting next week I will keep up weekly posts so I am not to far behind on industry news. This post will include articles about upcoming trends and some tips for 2012.

6 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012


It was pretty evident that in 2011, tech trends saw rapid growth from the years before. Advancements and innovation in mobile technology, services, traditional retail were all significant changes that will dictate the tech trends of 2012. From online shopping and eCommerce growth to voice messaging and recognition (Siri), what tech trends will have the most significant impact in 2012?

Tablets and e-readers see Hot and Heavy Sales


One of the hottest trends in the tech industry that will have a huge impact on eCommerce is the growth of tablets and e-readers. With more than a quarter of U.S adults owning a tablet or e-reader, sales are surely to continue rising. While the future of tablets is certainly very bright, it is still uncertain of what kind of impact they will have on eCommerce, retail and enterprise markets.

Five Optimizations to Keep Customers Coming Back in 2012


This list is handy to look over for eCommerce site owners who are at a stand still and wanting to know what to do next. If your site conversions are improving you are on the right track, but still need to optimize your marketing strategy to retain customers and acquire new ones. This post gives a little advice as to what improvements and additions you can make to your site in order to keep customers coming back.

eCommerce 2012: Expand, Integrate, Refine


2012 is set up to be a very productive year in eCommerce. I go on about the growth of eCommerce and the different trends to look out for, but this article breaks down things to consider when business planning and developing marketing strategies. Combining trends and technology into your planning will help expand, integrate and refine your eCommerce solutions. Looking at the big picture, how will consumer behavior impact eCommerce in 2012?

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