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This Week in eCommerce:
January 13 – 17

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Could robots, drones and driverless cars be the future of retail? Retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon have displayed efforts to tackle some of North America’s eCommerce problems. Despite speculation of developing its own smart thermostat, Google announced its plans to acquire Nest Labs, Inc., for $3.2 billion. 2014 online UK sales could reach US$174.89 billion. Lastly, Amazon further globalizes online shopping by threatening to enter the Korean eCommerce market. Have a read through the summaries below in this week’s wrap up on eCommerce news from around the world.

Fixing North America’s eCommerce Problems

Article: Fixing North America’s eCommerce Problems
Source: MarketingMag

Could robots, drones and driverless cars be the future of retail? Retailers like Walmart and Best Buy have provided online shoppers with shipping options to help improve a significant aspect of eCommerce – shipping. Retailers have offered ship-to-store options where customers can pick up their orders at a nearby store. Amazon has suggested that consumers pick up their purchases from storage lockers located throughout the community. Canada Post has taken big steps to improve some of North America’s eCommerce problems by reinventing itself as the leading parcel-carrier for online shoppers. As general manager of parcels and eCommerce, Rod Hart says, “ We’re really reshaping the company to deal with a lot less mail, and to be as efficient as possible for parcels”.

Google Acquires Nest Labs Inc.

Article: Google to Acquire Nest for $3.2 Billion (Updated)
Source: TechnoBuffalo

Google has announced that it will be purchasing Nest Labs, Inc. for $3.2 billion in cash. Launched in 2011, Nest is known for its smart thermostat and most recently the Protect Smoke and CO2 detector (launched 2013). The acquisition will not hinder support to iOS users as the Nest app will remain available for iOS, Android and other web browsers.

2014 Online UK Sales Could Reach US$174.98 billion

Article: Tablets Help Propel U.K eComerce in 2013
Source: Internet Retailer

U.K shoppers spent US$148.78 billion last year with sales generated mostly form tablets and Smartphones! Retailers experienced an 18% year-over-year increase in online spending in December. This is anticipated as online shopping becomes part of daily life. Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) and technology consultancy Capgemini predict that 2014 eCommerce spending in the United Kingdom will increase by 17% year-over-year reaching US$174.98 billion.

Amazon Further Globalizes Online Shopping in Korean eCommerce Market

Article: Amazon Preparing to Battle it Out With Korean eCommerce Sites in 2014
Source: Venture Beat

According to reports, Amazon plans on becoming a competitive force in the Korean eCommerce market in 2014. Amazon’s efforts to further globalize the online shopping experience, could potentially threaten existing domestic players. Giants like Yahoo have previously failed to gain market share while players like Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have struggled. Entering the South Korean eCommerce market proposes challenges due to its unique online market structure; however, Amazon is not new to the region and has already been successful in the Asian market.

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