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This Week in eCommerce
December 19 – 23

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I would like to begin this post with a Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays! With the new year just around the corner, eCommerce has one final week remaining to close off what has been a spectacular year in eCommerce. Boxing day traditionally has been a day for retailers to unload leftover inventory and have a massive sale (In most cases for the whole week). There has been no difference in the past couple of years other then eCommerce trends. Maybe not to the extent of a Cyber Monday (don’t take my word for it), but Boxing Day deals will give online shoppers more of a reach to look for great deals.

Why Engagement Matters Most in Digital Commerce


I cannot, and will not stop fascinating over the innovation digital commerce continues to display. In yet another great post from Get Elastic, these are some good reasons why engagement with your customers, subscribers and users is so valuable in the eMobile wave.

Tech Trends in 2012: What’s Hot, What’s Not


It seems we are outnumbered by the advancements in the tech world and we don’t even realize it. Simple, we have adapted quick, and don’t quite understand the significance of the changes. Compared to other parts of the world, North America (especially Canada) is still playing catch up. This article goes over the biggest trends from emerging technology, companies on the rise and fall, social sites and tech innovation.

E-Commerce – Preparing for and Maintaining Success


This article is very interesting and is outside of what you may think the title represents it as. When I was reading through some articles, I was expecting a blog that has a list:

Preparing for Success, 10 easy ways to succeed in eCommerce

  1. Great Content (nothing new)
  2. Social Media (Ok I get it)
  3. Design (Sure, looks nice, what else do you got)
  4. I think you get the point.

This article focuses on an emerging space e-tailers have to consider; a Compliance Program. Tax Liabilities, Data Security and Data Compromise programs are rapidly growing in the online world as more players are emerging every year.

Maximize post-holiday sales with search and social media


It has been a relatively slow week as shoppers have completed (or waiting until Christmas Eve) their shopping for Christmas. Statistically over the years however, search and social media have played a key role for drive sales post Christmas day.

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