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This Week in eCommerce
December 12 – 16

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Online Commerce Pro Offers Tips for Home Business Success


Entrepreneurs are taking a chance at eCommerce start ups as the industry continues to grow in North America. In this article, the Digital Journal offers a few simple, but key tips to home business success on the web. Burt Durden (Durden Small Business) consulting practice provides these easy tips for capitalizing online trends and succeeding with a small eCommerce business.

Mobile e-commerce rise puts strain on retailers


Research shows that mobile customers are increasing demand for retailers to provide exceptional service in delivering content and product on tablets and smartphones. These statistics are from studies conducted in the Middle East, where 70% of eMobile customers wait 20 seconds for a page to load before bouncing to the next (survey conducted using a sample of 400 participants). What kind of pressure will be put on retailers who are Marketing their product/service using mobile tablets and smartphones to reach their customers and increase online conversion?

Online Cash Registers in Holiday Overdrive


Online merchants are kicking and screaming in joy over the current results of this record setting year for online holiday shopping. The largest factor for consumer behaviour online is price and convenience. This article also dives into the mobile factor of increased user experience and higher conversion rates online.

Understanding Holiday Retail Sales


This article by the Economic & Statistics Administration breaks down stats for this years holiday retail sales. I’ve spent the majority of this month posting articles on the 2011 holiday online retailer trends and statistics, and this weeks edition of This Week in eCommerce has been no exception. This article is filled with charts and incredibly detailed explanations on the importance of the stats collected from this years holiday season thus far for 2011. With less then 10 days to go until Christmas, it will be interested to see how this holiday season ends with a so far record breaking year for holiday eCommerce.

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