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This Week in eCommerce
August 5 – 9

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles on eCommerce and share it with our readers. This week’s wrap up has some interesting articles on how eCommerce and social media join forces to create a new standard of eCommerce. To view this week’s top stories, check out the post below!

CEO Matt Bertulli in the AOL Conversation Studio at Dx3

Article: Canada’s Innovation in eCommerce
Source: Dx3 Canada

Co-founder and CEO of Demac Media, Matthew Bertulli stopped by the AOL Conversation Studio at Dx3 to talk about innovation and trends in Canadian eCommerce. Matt observes, that Canada is an interesting country for eCommerce. Canadians have adopted the digital world and are tremendously connected; however, when it comes to online shopping, Canada is sub par. This is an opportunity as over the next 3 to 5 years it will be interesting to see how the industry develops. His advice to Canadians and retailers alike, “I would tell everybody out there, Canadian eCommerce is a great space to be in, it’s booming, it’s growing, there’s nothing but opportunity, there’s a lot of cool stuff happening. Get into it, and just learn as much as possible.”

China’s Major eCommerce + Social Networks Join Forces for new eCommerce Concept

Article: A new mix of e-commerce and social media in China
Source: Internet Retailer
China’s leading e-commerce company Alibaba Group, and Sina Weibo, the country’s most popular social network joined forces to test out a new eCommerce concept.  The tested idea allows the three merchants to sell on Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace through posts that are listed on Sina Weibo. “The new display design improves the efficiency of the message and avoids unnecessary searching on the Taobao site,” Cheng Yu, general manager of the commercialization division of Sina Weibo. Food retailer Be & Cherry was among the first to test the eCommerce concept by posting a product offer, and within seconds the company experienced three orders from Weibo. Within the first day of the test, Weibo represented 50.4% of the retailer’s online traffic, with most orders coming from mobile devices.

14 Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon Carts

Article: Why Online Retailers Are Losing 67.45% of Sales and What to Do About It
Source: Shopify

Why are online shoppers leaving your site without making a purchase? According to Baymard Institute, online retailers are losing 67.45% of online sales. There are 14 reasons why shoppers abandon their carts. The top 3 reasons for shopping cart abandonment include unexpected costs, consumer browsing, and finding a better price elsewhere. Shopify further analyzes the effects of having a crashed or slow website and even the effects of displaying prices in a foreign currency.

Target Boosts its Multichannel Strategy

Article: Target Buys Another Dotcom, Eyes on the E-Commerce Prize
Source: The Wall Street Journal

In an effort to build up its multichannel strategy and eCommerce presence, Target acquired, an eCommerce company offering beauty products online. Earlier this year, Target announced the expansion of its cooking and kitchenware business through the acquisition of and CHEFS Catalog. According to Target, channel distinction is becoming less relevant. Shoppers may research a product online prior to making a purchase or even purchase products from the company’s website, while still in store.

Yahoo Redesigns Logo

Article: Yahoo Wades Into Perilous Waters With a Logo Redesign
Source: Bloomberg Business Week

Over the next 30 days, we will get to see 30 redesigned Yahoo logos that almost made the cut to be Yahoo’s official logo. Marketing officer, Kathy Savitt says that specific characteristics of the logo will remain including the exclamation point and colour, in order to maintain brand consistency. Over the next 30 days be sure to look out for alternate versions of the company’s logo.

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