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This Week in eCommerce
August 26 – 30

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Every week we put together a collection of articles that highlight some of the biggest eCommerce stories circulating the web. This week in our Weekly Wrap series we saw some big news from Shopify, how retailers are taking control of showrooming, changes in Facebook’s policies regarding promotions/competitions, as well as which metrics matter most in eCommerce. To view this week’s top stories, check out the summaries with links below!

Shopify Takes their Platform to the Next Level

Article: Shopify Launches Point-of-Sale System to Unify Online and Brick-and-Mortar Retail
Source: Tech Crunch

Our friends over at Shopify had some pretty exciting news this week. They launched their very own POS system. The new retail point-of-sale solution will utilize iPads as its terminals. This new technology and software will help to marry physical shops to their online counter parts – sharing inventory, sales and more. This new launch comes after the recently announced Shopify Payments. Now with their very own POS system under their belts, merchants have access to an all-in-one end-to-end business solution.

Learn more by watching this video:

Brick and Mortar Transforming into Interactive Showrooming

Article: How Digital In-Store is Impacting Retail in Canada
Source: Dx3 Canada

It’s no secret that eCommerce and Mobile are changing the face of retail. So what’s happening to Brick and Mortar stores? Well, they’re transforming by offering their customers mobile technology in-store – mainly iPads. From touch-screens as sales and ordering tools, information touch points for customers or warehouse/inventory control systems, the role of Brick and Mortar stores will change dramatically. Although show-rooming already exists, this concept is now being adapted and embraced by retailers, by allowing for transactions to happen both online and beyond the channel.

9 eCommerce Metrics that Really Matter and Why

Article: 9 Data Sets Every eCommerce Company Should Measure
Source: Mashable

Analytic tools help to give merchants the necessary and vital detailed snapshot of their online business. But which metrics are most important to measure? Mashable put together a panel of successful eCommerce entrepreneurs to find out exactly which metrics actually matter. From User Acquisition Costs, to Abandoned Carts and Life Time Value of a Customer, find out which data sets are worth your time and what they mean for your business.

Facebook Changes Policy for Promotions and Competitions

Article: Facebook Makes it Easier for Retailers to Run Promotions
Source: Internet Retailer

Facebook recently updated its promotions policy allowing retailers to run competitions directly from their timelines. Previously marketers could only run competitions/promotions through Facebook applications which usually required them to work with vendors such as GroSocial Inc. There are several positives for both the consumer and retailer. First being that consumer won’t have to download an application to enter a contest, and second retailers will not only be able to create more personalized, branded experiences but they’ll also be able to collect entries by having consumers post content on their pages or by sending a message to the page.

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