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This Week in eCommerce
August 19 – 23

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We’ve put together a collection of articles highlighting all things eCommerce! This week,’s Weekly Wrap Up includes articles on Groupon’s new affiliate network platform (Groupon Partner Network) and the continuous popularity of mobile commerce. Mobile is predicted to revolutionize eCommerce in the way people seek and find products as well as how they interact with major brands. To view this week’s top stories, check out the post below!

The Groupon Partner Network

Article: Groupon Launches Affiliate Platform
Source: Internet Retailer

Earlier this week, Groupon Inc. launched its self-service eCommerce affiliate marketing platform called Groupon Partner Network (GPN). Online publishers will earn commissions every time shoppers click and buy on links offered by Groupon. Vice president of global partner marketing and business development for Groupon Inc., Sean Smyth says, “GPN is the latest example of Groupon’s dedication to provide a comprehensive, effective and large-scale marketing platform for local and national merchants to help grow their business.” The Groupon Partner Network is available in over 30 countries.

Revolutionizing eCommerce with Mobile Image Recognition

Article: Will Mobile Recognition Revolutionize eCommerce
Source: Practical eCommerce

Could Mobile Image Recognition revolutionize eCommerce? Potentially! Mobile Image Recognition technology (MIR) identifies items like shoes, handbags and golf clubs, from images and videos with the use of a tablet of smartphone. The MIR application will be able to identify the item in the captured image and populate price comparisons from three or four online retailers. Will this technology revolutionize eCommerce or is it just another form of showrooming? You decide.

Make Way for Mobile Video Ads

Article: In Mobile Video Ads, Good Things Must come in Small Packages
Source: eCommerce Times

The expected popularity of mobile video advertising prompted changes in the way they are created and how consumers receive advertising messages. “Short and Sweet” is the new motto for mobile video advertising, according to Anthony Ivacovone, founder and CEO of AdTheorent. Short mobile clips of 15 seconds are all that should be required to capture and engage your audience. Anything longer calls for the viewer to opt into the viewing experience. This forces marketers to find creative ways that go beyond traditional advertising mediums. For instance, Coca Cola’s Chok mobile video campaign in HongKong, provided enjoyable experiences for viewers. Viewers are directed to download the corresponding app and wait for the commercial to air in order to use their smart phones in the interactive commercial.

10 Ideas for Successful eCommerce.

Article: 10 Great eCommerce Ideas for August 2013
Source: Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce released its August 2013 edition of 10 Great eCommerce Ideas. Industry insiders, CEO’s and strategists have each taken the time to share a great and innovative idea that could help an eCommerce company succeed. Some ideas surround the topic of user experience and customer service. Check out the ideas, industry leaders suggest to boost your eCommerce site.

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