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This Week in eCommerce
August 12-16

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Data, Data, Data! In this week ‘s Weekly Wrap UP, we found great articles centered on international sales growth of eCommerce sites. In the U.S, Internet Retailer highlights great statistics suggesting that online sales have achieved pre-recession growth! Furthermore, on the international watch, opportunities for online sales in Brazil, China and India continue to rise. To view this week’s top stories, check out the post below!

ComScore U.S Online Retail Q2 2013 Results

Article: State of the U.S Online Retail Economy Q2 2013
Source: comScore

In the latest webinar by Chairman and Co-Founder Gian Fulgoni and Vice President of Marketing & Insights Andrew Lipsman, discuss the channel shift in eCommerce stating that 1 in every 3 customers visit a company website exclusively through their mobile, implying that mobile optimization and development has never been so important for online retailers. Furthermore comScore describes the shopper’s multi-channel journey today is not so much a funnel but more like a flight map suggesting that traditional means of attracting customers is no longer as straight forward.

Online Sales Achieve Pre-Recession Growth

Article: eCommerce Returns to Pre-Recession Growth
Source: Internet Retailer

Online retail sales show promising growth for 2013. It is reported that sales increased 18.4% totaling $64.8 billion during Q2 of 2013, according to an estimate by the U.S. Commerce Department. This represents the largest year-over-year increase since prior to the 2008 financial crisis. Not accounting for seasonality and categories not regularly purchased online (e.g. automobiles), Internet Retailer calculates that eCommerce accounted for 7.9% of total retail sales.

International Online Sales Soar

Article: Cross Boarder eCommerce Booming
Source: Practical eCommerce

Opportunities for online sales in Brazil, China and India continue to grow as the countries middle classes increasingly develop. In a recent study 6,000 cross boarder online shoppers found that 5 out of 6 countries (U.S, U.K, Germany, China, Australia,) found that clothing, shoes and accessories are among the most popular cross-border online shopping categories. Brazilian shoppers gravitated towards computer hardware. Nielson predicts that cross boarder shopping will contribute to 16 % of total global online sales for 2013.

Digital Shopping for Baby Boomers

Article: For Digital Shopping, Baby Boomers Favor Desktop Over Mobile
Source: eMarketer

Although marketers view baby boomers as a profitable market, eMarketer reports, two-thirds of American internet users between the ages 50 to 69 agreed with the statement, “ When making a big or expensive purchase, I search online to compare prices…”. Baby boomers still utilize due diligence and research a product online prior to purchase. eMarketer reminds us that they are still the TV generation and that TV commercials continue to initiate interest in a product. In a survey of US internet users, Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global Advisor finds that out of the 36% of 50 to 64 age group who viewed a commercial online, only 11% clicked on a banner and pop-up ad.

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