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The World According to Skype

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If you are small business owner and don’t have a Skype account yet I’m not sure if I should tell you to get one or slap you for not having one!  I am not big on doling out unsolicited advice (especially such general, across the board business advice) but this just has to be spoken about.

Some of you are probably thinking that this isn’t really news, and that everybody has a Skype account.  Right, and everybody has a Twitter account or a Facebook account too!  I know a lot of small business owners who’s core competency is not in any field of technology, and when I mention the word “Skype” to them they have no clue what I’m talking about (trust me, I had a client today have this reaction).  I’m writing this post to tell those people that Skype is their new best friend. 

You just can’t beat the free skype-to-skype calls and you will definitely have a hard time beating their monthly plan for unlimited international phone calls. 

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