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How to Create the Perfect Checkout Page

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Cart abandonment is the bane of an eCommerce merchants existence. You can put as much time and effort into your site as possible, but unfortunately as it stand 68% of eCommerce visitors abandon their shopping carts. Your check out represents the final hurdle before site visitors become customers. Could it be killing your sales? If you’re sales figures don’t match up with the effort you’ve put into optimizing your online store, all signs point towards a sticky checkout process. To optimize your check out, you should know what makes up a perfect check out. This is going to vary depending upon what you sell and who you sell to. Your business and your check out process will be unique to your needs. So how do you determine what changes need to be made where? By testing! In planned way, you need to run changes through a series of A/B tests. From changing a few words, to overhauling the entire layout, your tests should be targeting areas like usability, psychological triggers, and more. VWO put together this handy infographic to help you identify the elements of a successful checkout page and plan your tests accordingly.


Source: VWO

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