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Making the Most of Holiday Merchandising – In Real Time!

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Although web analytics can tell you a lot about last year, they’re not so great at telling you what will happen this holiday. Current trends, competitors’ promotions, Amazon pricing, Google’s latest algorithm, and even unforeseen weather events can all impact your 2017 holiday season!

eCommerce teams certainly need to plan ahead, but must also be nimble enough to make real-time merchandising decisions to maximize conversion rates, order values and sell-through – and apply these site updates independently, without dependence on staging and deployment workflows, or impacting any holiday code freezes.

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Guide Your Customer’s Journey with Holiday Merchandising!

Traditional retail merchandising – the sale or promotion of products – may have the upper hand of a physical, face-to-face interaction, but online merchandising has its advantages too.

If you can find ways to show your audience the right products, in the right places, at the right times, you’ll likely drive a conversion. You have to approach online merchandising – especially during the holiday peak season – strategically.

Strategic online merchandising will increase your customer engagement, average order size, improve cart abandonment and overall conversion rates.

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The stakes are high for retailers and merchants during the holiday season, anything you can do now to improve the customer experience of your store to drive a sale is critical!

Merchandising in real-time allows you to sell and react “on-the-fly”, dynamically pushing inventory to interested buyers without manually updating your store.

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