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Repackaging the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry – The CPG eCommerce Tipping Point Report

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For Consumer Packaged Goods it’s not business as usual. CPG eCommerce sales are growing 3x faster than those of their peers!

There’s a dramatic shift underway in B2B with a Trillion Dollar opportunity for the taking in eCommerce. For CPG companies in particular, strategic online efforts and digital initiatives are critical to sell more through to retailers and distributors.

Our experts at Demac Media have released a new report covering the current state of B2B eCommerce featuring key statistics and trends from leading research agencies like Forrester Research, as well as strategies for CPG companies looking to implement digital initiatives without revamping at full scale.

Download your free copy today and learn how CPG manufacturers can exploit this incredible opportunity to sell more through to retailers online and enhance relationships.

Click here or the button below to get your copy of The CPG eCommerce Tipping Point:


Inside you’ll find:

  • A B2B eCommerce outlook
  • CPG Industry Disruptors Overview
  • 3 Key Strategies for CPG eCommerce Success

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