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Looking for The Best Responsive Sites? Here are 15 to Inspire You!

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No need for mobile specific sites or “Download our App to get a mobile experience”. The dark ages are over and we have moved into the responsive era! Responsive is the ability for a site to scale to different screen resolutions. Responsive isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, if anything it will get more popular as new devices surface. Everyone should be interested in responsive or at least understand the importance of responsive; for this reason here are 15 sites that will inspire you.

1. Disney


I am sure everyone knows Disney since they were kids, but now you can see them in a new light. Simple but effective is sometimes all you need.

2. Time


Time magazine will always have boat load of content on its pages even with it being mainly text responsive can be an issue. As scales down you can see they start to hide columns to allow for more content to be displayed, but the hidden columns are still accessible by the user. This is a perfect example of hiding the clutter under your bed!

3. deviantART


Deviant Art is a hub for all things creative, from poetry to 3d graphics. They use a simple layout that as it scales down cuts down on unnecessary content; targeting what a user would want to see if they were on a phone for example.

4. Kobo


One of the worlds top eReading companies has designed their site to work for every possible screen resolution.

5. Jaguar


Luxury car Jaguar has not only a sweet car but a sweet site. The site scales really nicely, even with the high resolution images they need offer to sell their cars. As the site scales sections of the page are consolidated. Making it easy to use and a smooth flow.

6. Marvel


If you are a nerd like me you have definitely read some Marvel comics or watched their movies at some point in your life. Their site is quite sleek but nothing is removes as the site scale, its all slid off screen or turned into a slider. Which makes sense because When you come to marvel your usually looking for something new and want to get a full experience regardless of your current device resolution.

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7. Gravenhof


I personally don’t know much about this site, it was a random find from my past when I was first getting into responsive development. Overall its a damn pretty site…need I say more?

8. Red Bubble


This hidden eCommerce gem is the art sellers dream. Their sites goal is to showcase the art in all its glory at all resolutions without compromising any of their users art dimensions.

9. Forefathers Group


This site is probably one of the first sites I’ve ever seen and got me interested in responsive. I hope this site inspires you like it did me.

10. Starbucks


Starbucks…It’s Starbucks and unless you live under a rock I’m sure you know of them. From the start their site is made to be responsive, all the content has its own horizontal section leaving a lot of room for manipulation and scaling possibilities.

11. Suitsupply


I came across this site recently, so I thought I would throw it in. Nice layout for both mobile and desktop.

12. Shibui


I absolutely love this site, its a highly interactive site while staying true to responsive requirements.

13. Digital Atelier


Simple, but effective design.

14. Outdated Browser


This site is definitely a bookmark worthy site not just for its content but because of the interactive and responsive nature of the site

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15. tutsplus


This site provides tutorials, courses etc for design and development. Their content heavy site displays only the important content as it scales down to mobile view; while keeping everything legible


If you don’t know what responsive is after all this or your not inspired yet, try this out.

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