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The ‘Pixel Perfect’ Front-End

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Design & User Experience

An air of professionalism is a great accomplishment for any company and one which is ever-important to maintain when it comes to front-end web development. Reputation is a delicate entity. Any mistakes noticed, major or minor, generally cause a disproportionate drop in professionalism expected by the client. eCommerce in particular is susceptible to these simple errors because there are so many elements on one page, so much information to fit into small places, so many tables, prices, buttons…. the list goes on. There is a colossal number of pixel measurements required for any eCommerce website to work, and it will only look perfect if it is ‘pixel perfect‘.

To avoid not only a significant financial loss, but also a loss of credibility and trust, a constant diligence is necessary in order to set standards and meet expectations. Industry leaders in particular, such as eBay or Amazon, carry a massive reputation on their shoulders which, should they ever miss a beat, may unbalance and topple them. You will most likely never or very rarely see a mistake in their design. It is then worthwhile to look to these leaders for inspiration, to carry out your own due diligence in working, reworking, and finally perfecting your product.

Given that a flawless ‘pixel perfect’ site is the expected modus operandi, clients and customers are hardwired to notice imperfection before perfection. It is of utmost importance to adapt to their way of thinking and proceed accordingly. A company’s reputation is a delicate thing, and one which must be tended to constantly; for a company to really prosper, perfection needs to be habitual.

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