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SocialGift at Innovate 2011. What we Learned

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I spent what little spare time I had available at Innovate 2011 hanging out around the SocialGift booth, talking to as many people as I could manage, watching and listening to their reactions as we showed them our newly launched software as a service plugin.

Being that we’re pretty entrenched in the Magento world it was only natural for us to launch version 1 of our plugin for the Magento platform as a native extension. In hindsight it was definitely good for us to launch at Innovate 2011.

We knew going in that most of the attendees at Innovate were going to be developers and partner companies of eBays various properties. Although these folks aren’t our target market they are definitely a very strong sales channel and a big part of our go to market strategy. The reception from developers and partners alike was very strong.

You might be thinking, why are they going to developers and channel partners to sell a platform built for merchants? To us, it was a simple choice and pretty low hanging “sales” fruit.

As the CEO of a successful Magento Solution Partner company I know that we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to bring to our merchants. It’s one of the main reasons merchants work with eCommerce services businesses. It’s also the main reason SocialGift wants to work with solution partners and third party developers.

We have a true social commerce solution we strongly believe is going to add significant value to thousands of online merchants.

Going to Innovate cemented our need for strong partnerships to help us introduce SocialGift to merchants.

Going to Innovate gave us a serious boost of confidence (not that we were lacking) that we’re on to something truly amazing.

Going to Innovate was also a ton of fun. Just being around other startups, established eCommerce companies, developers and merchants all talking about innovation in commerce was a fantastic experience.

SocialGift Team - Innovate 2011

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