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Social SEO – Engage, Interact, Share

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I recently listened to a great webinar on the State of SEO and Internet Marketing presented by Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz and DHarmesh Shaw, CTO of Hubspot. In a nutshell, these industry wizards covered this years domination of Negative SEO that the Google Penguin and Panda updates have enforced in their algorithm for better search results. Throughout the presentation, they began to get more and more into Social Media, and the benefits these great platforms have to the current state of SEO.

As much as I enjoy staying on top of my basic SEO methods of on-page optimization, keyword/key phrase presence and brilliant site wide content, a great SEO marketer goes above and beyond and gets creative with their tactics.

This brings my to the purpose of this post. SOCIAL SEO

Why Social Media Matters to SEO

Let’s face it, Search Engines know that everyone hangs out in Social Media portals, so the domain authority of the Facebook’s, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit etc.. are out of this world. To this point in time (SEO time), link building has been the driving force behind domain authority, well ranked sites and so on. This to me has not changed, HOWEVER, it is now really about the quality of links to your site, not as much quantity. Here is where Social Media is so valuable to your SEO strategy. People are so engaged in Social Media that accounts link together, smartphones constantly updating people, instagram photos instantly updating hundreds of your friends and followers at that incredible moment. Let’s take a look at a few Social Media outlets and why they are important to SEO


I find Twitter fascinating in what it has really grown to become. When first heard of tweeting, it simply sounded like a Facebook status update. Nothing more, nothing less. Boy was I wrong. People are now using Twitter as a source of information, hash tags (#) to direct more specifically to that community of followers, as well as a connection to your favourite comedians and celebrities.

Throw away the term “Target Market”, sounds too Markety to me (which is NOT a word), and throw in “Target Community”, or “Target Audience” (which is of course valid marketing terminology). If you are avoiding sharing your articles and content through here, why?!


Now you can get very personal. Facebook is your network of friends (or people you met on a skiing trip that were nice and now you are FB friends). The benefit of a Facebook “like” is so valuable at increasing brand recognition, encouraging more social shares etc. These are your people! They like you. Share with them, interact, they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two more, and so on, and so on.

Google +

People who don’t want to start believing it, BELIEVE IT. It’s common sense really, a search engine player who determines your rank enters the Social Media space, ya think they are going to ignore it’s users content?

Google+ Results

The 5th result is an article on my search, with a profile picture and indication of how many Google+ profile are in the authors circle. Google has found a way to incorporate Social SEO into the way they evaluate sites and great search results.

Concluding Remarks

“But we don’t have the time for social media”. I understand, you have a business to run, clients to meet, customers to serve, people to hire, reports to develop, sites to build, product to stock, orders to process, items to ship, printer ink to change, pets to walk, kids to take to soccer practice, lawns to moe, bills to pay, yada yada yada…

Adding a Social Media Coordinator to your team is not a bad idea. My friends over at Outrider shared a very good article/counter article on the importance of a Social Media Coordinator.

Remember, Social Media is all about “Target Communities”. Find your following, engage them, interact and be social. You shall be rewarded 🙂

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