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Magento Sites of the Week: Details, Details, Details!

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Design & User Experience

When looking at an eCommerce site from a Web Designer & Web Developer’s point of view, a single word comes to my mind DETAILS. You may have picked up on that from my other blog posts:

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When I say details, I’m talking about animations, images, buttons, icons, etc. All those small components you can add or subtract from your site to make it look slick. Since I started working within the eCommerce Industry I have been searching for the best way to do so. This week I stumbled upon a couple sites that, from my point of view, have done an amazing job with their appearance. Furthermore, they were all built on the Magento Platform. Here are the sites I’m talking about:

Simon & Simon Online

Warby Parker



My Thoughts

All of the previous sites were built with Magento. It’s a perfect example of what can be built with this platform. Since Magento is open source it offers a high degree of control and flexibility for your site, it is also feature-rich offering you amazing functionality.

If you have any projects in mind you can drop us a line.

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