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How to use site search to double your conversion rate!

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If visitors to your eCommerce site can’t find what they’re looking for, how can you expect them to convert? Today’s shoppers are savvy internet users who expect a search box everywhere they go (thanks Google!). Site search is often overlooked by retailers, but an important part of an online store!

Recent research from WebLinc shows that shoppers who use internal site search converted at a 216% higher rate!

Learn how to optimize your eCommerce store with insights like this, and more in our Q3 2016 Benchmark Report. Released quarterly, our latest eCommerce Benchmark Report is available now with actionable insights from over 40 of our retailer customers:

Internal site search Increases Conversion and Average Order Value

If you aren’t leveraging Site Search, taking steps to optimize its use should be high on your priority list. According the data in our Q3 eCommerce Benchmark Report, shoppers who use Site Search not only convert at a higher rate but also buy more, with a 21% increase in Average Order Value.

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Don’t miss out on this growth opportunity! Not only will customers with purchasing intent convert higher, they’ll leave happy and more likely to return after a positive shopping experience

Here Are More Tips to Help Customers Find What They’re Looking For:

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1: Establish a simplistic category tree.

Why are people using search so much? It could be that they can’t find what they’re looking for through traditional header navigation. Ensure that the path to find products is clear and avoid using arbitrary category names.

2: Give users multiple ways to find the same thing.

Although most stores can pinpoint a target market, their shopping behaviour can still vary. Some customers know exactly what they want, while others prefer to browse. There’s nothing wrong with duplicating a category or displaying products in multiple ways to accommodate a variety of shopping styles.

3: Provide clear call to actions.

Your users are going to skim through the content of your pages. Use visual cues to lead them through the site and consider highlighting your top sellers on the home page in order to get shoppers to the purchasing options as quickly as possible.

Make your optimization efforts worthwhile.

Start today by reviewing the eCommerce Benchmark for Q3 2016. This report contains actionable insights for retailers, covering: acquisition, engagement, conversion and more to prepare you for Q4!

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