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Should You Gate Your Content?

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A few weeks back we posted on the blog about gating content. If you don’t know already, gated content is high value content created by your company that you place behind a “gate” – usually a form/opt-in/landing page. There is no resounding consensus on using gated content as a strategy to drive leads, as it comes with both positives and negatives outcomes for your online business. In a world that’s evolving so quickly, there really aren’t “best practices” anymore. What you have to do as a digital marketer or eCommerce business owner is take all things into consideration before making a strategic decision, as there is no definitive guide to gating content. There are so many unique variables you need to analyze before making a decision, from value to objectives. So, should you gate your content? Hubspot created a flowchart to help you in your quest for content marketing glory:

gate content flow cart

Source: Hubspot

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