Shopping Cart Secrets – Gender

What’s the different between me and you? Well gender could be an obvious one. What can eCommerce merchants learn from shopping cart behaviours? Do you think that gender differences influence shopping behaviours? The folks at Bronto asked consumers to share their shopping cart experience with them, so that we could learn more about cart expectations and the influence of gender. In terms of frequency alone, 25% of men and women shop on a weekly basis! The difference between men and women – or lack there of – may surprise you…make your email reminders more relevant to your customer base and keep them coming back with this infographic!



Source: Bronto

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Online shopping frequency is nearly tied between both genders. Tweet this.

Men are more apprehensive about cart reminders than women. Tweet this.

28% of both genders expect a cart reminder email to come with a discount code. Tweet this.

52% of women find cart reminder emails helpful. Tweet this.