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Cure Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues

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It’s estimated that $3.38 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned online this year. That’s a huge opportunity for extra revenue that merchants are missing out on. The news isn’t all bad though, there are ways you can help prevent shopping cart abandonment. There’s typically a few different reasons why shoppers will abandon their carts, from unexpected costs to site navigation. Once you can identify these pain points for consumers on your eCommerce store, you can then work to fix the issues that are causing them to abandon cart. Statistics show that time constraints cause 21% of consumers to abandon cart. The following infogrpahic outlines seven simple tips to help you cure your shopping cart abandonment issues, from minimizing to distractions to emphasizes your customer service resources. Don’t let your (shopping cart) abandonment issues keep your business from succeeding online!


Source: MarketingProfs

Abandoned carts will forfeit $3.38 trillion on 2015. Tweet this.

The global user cart abandonment rate is 68%.Tweet this.

21% of cart abandonment cases are due to time constraints. Tweet this.

For 73% of shoppers shipping costs matter when purchasing. Tweet this.

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