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Shipping Made Easy: Receive a $100 Shipping Credit with Canada Post

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Connect your store to Canada Post and receive $100 in shipping!

As merchants know, shipping is the key to running a successful online store. Nowadays, customers expect a seamless end-to-end online shopping experience. In order to succeed and meet customers’ expectations, merchants require efficient and automated tools to help fulfill orders.

A year ago, we introduced the Canada Post Integration for Magento; enabling you to display live shipping rates, tracking information, automate shipping label printing and much more. Learn more here or watch how our client, Ardene (a Magento Enterprise merchant), is taking advantage of the extension to offer better shipping solutions to their customers in this video:

$100 Shipping Credit from Canada Post

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Today, we are excited to announce that we have once again teamed up with Magento and Canada Post to offer you $100 of shipping when you connect your store to Canada Post and enable these features. To take advantage of this offer and receive $100 of shipping from Canada Post, follow these easy steps outlined here or read below for eligibility requirements:

Eligibility requirements

To receive the $100 shipping credit from Canada Post:

1. Connect your Magento store with a new or existing Canada Post account for the first time between April 14 and Sept. 30, 2014.
2. Be a commercial parcel customer of Canada Post with a volume-based contract or a member of Canada Post’s VentureOne™ program. Read more about Canada Post customer types.
3. If you are a VentureOne customer, spend $100 in parcel shipping with Canada Post by Dec. 31, 2014 and print your shipping labels through one of the Magento/Canada Post connected extensions or one of Canada Post’s electronic shipping tools.

Read the fine print for full rules and regulations.

How to connect your Magento store to your Canada Post account

1. Download and install the Canada Post extension for Magento from Demac Media
2. In the extension settings, find the “Connect to Canada Post” button, and follow the prompts to sign in to your existing Canada Post account or sign up if you are new to Canada Post. For more information visit the information page for Demac Media’s extension.

Note: You can join the VentureOne program right within extension’s registration flow.

How you’ll receive your $100 Shipping Credit

If you have fulfilled the eligibility requirements, you will receive $100 within 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Commercial parcel customers – Canada Post will apply a $100 shipping credit to your account
  • VentureOne customers – Canada Post will send you a $100 Visa® gift card
  • About Canada Post Customer Types

    You have 2 choices for becoming a Canada Post customer:

    1) Commercial customer
    Sign a volume-based contract to ship a yearly minimum of 750 parcels within Canada or 100 parcels to the U.S.A. or internationally. To apply, call 1-866-282-7173

    2) VentureOne customer
    Join Canada Post’s free loyalty program for small businesses and save up to 8% on a variety of shipping services and supplies. Note: you can join the VentureOne program right within Magento

    Get started today with Canada Post, Magento and Demac Media!

    Provide better shipping alternatives for your customers. Make life easier for yourself in the backend of Magento to ship your products. Download the Canada Post extension for Magento today and take advantage of this $100 Shipping Credit for your business!

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