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Search Trends: Online Search Behaviour

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The most important thing about Search Engine Marketing is not just identifying keywords that are relevant to your sites content, products or services, but keywords that reflect the thought process of the searcher. Don’t get me wrong, if your main goal is to increase the amount of traffic on your site, go right ahead and bid up on hundreds, thousands of words. If your goal is to increase conversion rates and revenue on your site, think again – is a shotgun approach the best thing to do?

Consumer Behaviour

Understanding online consumer behaviour is tricky, anyone with an eCommerce store knows that. In an online environment, you are not face-to-face with your customer in-store, helping them make a purchase decision. One of my favourite tools to use when I am planning my plan of attack is Google Trends.

Let’s use the term “uggs” as an example.

This is pretty straight forward. The chart above represents the volume of searches that are performed in a given time period. “Uggs” is an easy example. This chart is from 2004-Present, and the search volume is very seasonal (Spikes during November, December, then declines until the following time period next year).


This is where this tool can be very helpful. I am going to use the term “ted baker” as an example.

There is obviously a growth pattern for this term over the years so I get the impression that I should be taking advantage of this keyword. By clicking the “Forecast” box at the top right, Google will forecast search trends for this term over the next couple of years, giving you pretty good insights on the value of the keyword.

You will also be given suggestions on related keywords. By clicking “Rising” you will see what terms are “trending”.

The Value of Keyword Tools

Suggestions and keyword tools such as Google Trends and Google Adwords Tool are not meant to simply tell you what to do. They are provided as a research tool to give you a better idea on how to build your marketing campaign. See my blog post on relevant keyword research for a better understanding of what to consider when gathering your research and data in determining how can this help maximize your budget and meet your goals.

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