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Pela: The Eco-Friendly iPhone Case

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Today marks a special day for us here at Demac.

A day where we get to apply all our eCommerce knowledge and technical ability on something that gives back, something we feel very strongly will do a little good in this world. 

Earlier today we launched ( a Shopify store ), our first internal Demac product and one with a mission near and dear to our hearts. 

Our first product from Pela is an eco-friendly iPhone case for the iPhone 6 and 6S. For this case, we’ve developed a new type of biodegradable plastic, one that uses flax as a main ingredient and gives us a product that not only protects your iPhone, but is fully compostable.

That’s right when you next upgrade your phone you can do so knowing that your case can go into the ground or compost bin and be 100% recycled. 

No landfills. No waste. 

iPhone cases are just our first Pela product, we’re currently experimenting with a whole range of consumer goods based on this new material. For now, we’d love for you to check out to keep your iPhone safe and the planet beautiful.

Pela: The Eco-Friendly iPhone Case

If you’d like to learn more about Pela, our products, or Shopify, contact us using the below form:

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