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How to Reveal Keyword Data for Product Listing Ads

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Product Listing Ads are emerging onto’s search engine results page. Early on in 2013, I began testing the product extension as they slowly went from BETA into to regular ad rotation as one of Google Adwords advertising methods in Canada. What makes product listing ads such a powerful advertising channel is the ability to upload your product data into Google Merchant Center, and trigger your ads in the Search Engine Result page based on the data in which you provide Google. This data includes Product Titles, Descriptions, Product Attributes etc…The obvious next step is reporting keywords that are triggering your product ads, as well as receiving clicks.

Google Merchant Center has a very basic dashboard that displays the number of paid clicks your product ads are receiving.


In the Products menu where you view the products you have sent to Google Merchants, you can view which products are receiving clicks.


The issue with the analysis in Merchant Center is there is no keyword data. Since you are not actually bidding on keywords in order to show these ads, you have to dig just a little bit in order to recover the data. The first place to uncover it is very simple, within Google Adwords itself. If you are running a paid program, you should know this by now, but in case you don’t, you can run a Match Query Keyword Report.

Google Adwords

Step 1: Open campaign and Adgroup (simple enough)

This Campaign is one I set up for a client, and the adgroup is labelled “Magento Import Products” because the back end platform is run off of Magento’s Enterprise Edition. This helps me keep my campaigns organized.


Step 2: Within the Adgroup, click Keywords Tab.

In your Product Listing Ads campaign, there will be no keywords because you have not created a list of words to bid on.


To run a Match Query report, select the details drop down menu and under “SEARCH TERMS”, choose all.

Note: Select a Date Range prior to reviewing this report.

Here’s a closer look.


The terms will appear under the Search Term column but I had them removed for privacy purposes ;). This report will now show exact match keyword queries that users are searching and clicking through to your product pages.

Note: I have removed the keywords within this example for privacy purposes πŸ˜‰


Alternatively, you can find this information in Google Analytics as well since all data from Adwords is recorded in Analytics once you have linked your accounts together. You will have to drill down into the reports, but here is where you find it.

Google Analytics

Step 1: Open Up Matched Search Queries Reports in the Acquisition->Adwords menu


Step 2: Apply an Adgroup Filter to the Report

This function will be located underneath the line graph.


Step 3: Advanced Options – Apply Advanced Filter

By default, the secondary dimension report will include all Adgroups that have been live and receiving clicks within the given date range you have selected, so you will want to narrow down only the Adgroup that runs your Product Listing Ads.


Note: Once again I removed the keyword data in the column for privacy purposes πŸ™‚


My recommendation once you have this report generated is to take advantage of the Shortcut action in Google Analytics. This way the report is always generated, and you can skip all the steps necessary to reveal this report. It will save you time in the future!

Happy Keyword hunting!

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