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Your Retail Master and CEO of Demac Media, Matt Bertulli

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Matt Bertulli Online Retail

Our CEO Matt Bertulli did a podcast with Your Personal CFO all about his love of eCommerce! He talks how he grew up in a retail family, and how although he wanted to originally venture off and do his own thing, he naturally gravitated back towards commerce, calling it his ‘happy place’. Matt also shares how difficult it was to find eCommerce qualified employees in a time where eCommerce was almost unheard of in Canada, and how he handled the stress and pressure of running such a rapidly growing business.

While listening to the podcast, you learn about Matt’s advice on how to grow a successful business- how it’s important to not do any ‘megaphone marketing’, but more to participate in whichever market you choose to sell to. He also touches on the success of Pela Case, Demac Media’s own brand of composable iPhone cases and how he used his own advice to grow the Pela Case brand.

Learn more from eCommerce expert Matthew Bertulli in his book Anything, Anywhere, which gives readers an easy to follow playbook helping merchants and retailers grow their B2B and B2C business!

Matt Bertulli Anywhere Anything

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