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Your Preview To The Retailer’s Guide to the Holiday Season

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Retail Holidays Guide

Doesn’t that make you feel a lot more at ease? Written in a nice, friendly happy font right? I know, the holidays are big. Like really big. Like you may think going down to catch the bus is far, but that’s just peanuts to space.

In our totally harmless (well mostly harmless) guide you’ll find the secrets and tips you’ll need in order to survive and conquer your store’s holiday season. Remember, what you do now will have a major impact on your business, not just for the season, but for the year to come. Even if you start – where do you go next? With fierce competition out there, along with the biggest sales days rapidly coming up, coming out unscathed may be a problem…


Remember that image at the top? Go over it one more time to remind you of what it says! What’s that you say? I may have just made you feel the pressure and anxiety that comes with driving a business through the holiday season?

Looks like you need…

The Retailer’s Guide to the Galaxy Holiday Season!

Now Including Sugar Plums and Dollar Signs!Sugar Plums and $$$ Not Included

Retailer's Guide to the Holidays

We’ve created a handy, all in one guide to help you navigate some of the most common and hardest challenges retailers face during this time of year!

Included in our largest guide yet is powerful advice from powerful platform partners: Magento, Shopify Plus and Workarea, along with key tips from our technology partners: Returnly, Nosto, Signifyed and Kount!

But Wait, There’s More!

Our very own Demacians have some exclusive insider info that’ll push your holiday season to the top,


So at this point, you’re probably starting to wonder what some of the features included are? Will I get some potatoes? Will I find out the meaning to life, the universe and everything? And where in blazes are my keys!

Well, inside you’ll find how to navigate (along with add some nifty new planet names to your lexicon):

Platithium, the Planet of Powerful Commerce Platforms

Here you’ll encounter the largest, most intimidating planet in the commerce galaxy. As you venture through retailer’s will learn: data-driven analytic strategies, tips on holiday merchandising and optimizing channel first holiday strategies from powerful commerce platform partners, Magento, Shopify Plus and Workarea.

Digimoria, The Planet of Digital Marketing

“Great! I’ve got my website running and I feel like there’s so much potential to grow it!”

On this planet, you’ll learn how to grow some foolproof digital marketing tactics! Find out how to wield facebook ads, black friday/cyber monday emails, and how to increase your conversion rates throughout the holidays! Don’t just throw your campaigns off the cliff hoping it’ll fly, learn to miss the ground and have them soaring with return!

Lockatron, The Planet of Safety and Security

“Great I’ve got my website going, campaigns flying and soaring, what’s the worst that could happen!”
…and now you website has crashed! The anger of the customers! What happened!

As safe as you thought you might be, there are always crack and crevices that go unnoticed during your journey through the holiday season! Someone, somewhere may attack you and thanks to visiting Lockatron, you’ll learn how to turn harmful attacks into harmless whales and petunias! Learn how to manage mobile-fraud protection and protecting your eCommerce store during the holiday rush!

Space travel isn’t guaranteed to be safe, and neither is selling online. Don’t be like a certain pot of petunias and have to say “Not Again”.

Retonith, The Planet of Returns

So now you’re secure (as secure as we can be), you’ve got growth and the power of the platforms! What could possibly go…oh. I see. I guess your Uncle Leo didn’t want a copy of Anywhere, Anything. Are you sure Uncle Leo? Yes?

Don’t let customers returning their purchases end in tears! While you navigate this planet, you’ll find out how to properly prepare for post-holiday returns and transform it into revenue with Returnly.


Ok so…is there more?

Wait, there’s also a button for wormholes?

Through the power of retail and space and wormholes, you’ve landed on an improbable yet probable outcome of the future! In the future there are machines! Here you’ll learn that there’s more to life than just 42.

Gain insight into the commerce landscape knowing exactly where your industry is headed and how you can leverage machine learning applications to help your store survive and thrive. Use your customer data to simplify the shopping experience on a human-level.

So, Grab a Towel, The Holidays Are Almost Here


Remember The Holiday Season is your last chance to drive results! Use this friendly guide to close out the year profitably and start the new year strong.

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