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The Responsive Design Bicycle Websites

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It’s no secret that we have a few sports fans here at Demac Media. We have some team members who are passionate, not only about eCommerce, but bikes! Our CEO Matt is a mountain bike lover; he goes on the outdoor trails whenever he can (weather/travel/work dependent off course). I’m a triathlete, so I’m more inclined to triathlons & road bikes; there’s nothing like pushing your limits to sprint at 90km/h or hold 45km/h for hours. As the title says, today’s post is all about responsive design and how Bicycle websites are winning in design.

Bicycle companies tend to have well designed sites. Especially the high end bike manufactures. I find it surprising that most of them have not spent time making their websites responsive, maybe they are not considering the mobile/tablet traffic that will come in the future years. Some merchants still question if Responsive design is hope or hype! As we become a more technology friendly world so are the bikes, therefore so should their merchant websites.

Showcasing the Details

Now, not everyone will go online to buy a bike unless they know specifically what they want. I guarantee that most of today’s bikes aficionados will go online and read the bike’s specifications & reviews. This type of buyer needs more detail than just a photo with the bike. They are looking for specifications and tons of them! Does this bike use Shimano or Campagnolo? 10 or 11 speed? What components does it come with? What’s the sizing chart? S, M, L or 50, 52, 54? 700cc cor 650cc? If you know about bikes these question will ring a bell, if not, don’t worry they are just techie wording in the industry.

Most of these guys are spending between $2,000 to $10,000 on a single purchase, along with the future bike pieces for day to day maintenance. I guess there’s some kind of niche market over here, and it will be a waste if you don’t show your consumers your bikes on all the devices used to browse the internet today: desktop, laptops, tables, mobile. All our sites should be responsive and why not? maybe even show some great video footage and images for the fans. Show a background video on your webpage like Riley’s does and you’re guaranteed at least curiosity on the site.

Responsive Bicycle Websites

I won’t give away any more details about these sites though, I will let you browse this list of the 5 Responsive Bicycle Websites that I really loved. Incredible details, gorgeous photography, and… bikes! What can go wrong with that?

Pure Fix




The Work Cycle






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