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Relevant Keyword Research For eCommerce Sites

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) is based heavily on the searchers thought process and search queries using relevant keywords to solve problems and do research. For eCommerce, relevant keywords consist of products, brands and services that you offer to your customers. With hundreds and thousands of sites springing up every year, competition for organic rankings is growing rapidly. Hence why your initial keyword research is so vital to your eCommerce success.

Let’s begin with the customer buying funnel. Brad Geddes, author of Advanced Google Adwords, 2nd Edition suggests taking a step back and looking at this funnel to determine where keywords become more relevant for prospective customers.

Knowing this, marketers can begin to strategically organize their PPC campaigns around relevant keyword research and where in the buying funnel those keywords trigger searchers to click on their Ad or link.

For eCommerce sites who sell and distribute products and brands, awareness is typically generated from very simple search queries. For example, an online music store who sells musical instruments have a wide range of categories and instruments. These types of explicit keywords can be:

– guitars
– ukuleles
– drums

or a little more specifically:

– electric guitars
– drum kits
– bass guitars

These are highly searched queries that searchers are typically just browsing the web looking for videos, images, news and specs on instruments just to gain awareness of what is on the web. But if we are trying to acquire customers and gain their interest in your products, the relevancy of your keywords become even more specific then the type of instrument.

There is a lot of learning curves involved in the buying funnel, which is why search phrases will be formatted as a question.

– where to buy sabian symbols

These type of keywords are problem based which gives you the opportunity to answer that question with your content and ads. To keep this post short and simple, we are going to move straight down the funnel and talk about product and brand related keywords as in greatly influences the Shop step at the end of the process before Buy.

At this point in your keyword research, leveraging the products you sell is very important. Go past the category selection and really look at the branded products. When I am shopping, my searches look like this.

– ernie ball guitar strings
– godin electric guitar
– sabian high hat symbol
– boss loop station

Keep in mind the different variations of searches. People are becoming more educated in their ways of shopping and know exactly what it is they are looking for. Some different variations of these keywords include

– ernie ball medium gage earthwinds
– godin a series acoustic guitar
– sabian 10 inch high hat
– boss rc 30 loop station

The important thing to note is that simple keyword research is that you are simply going after words that you can think of off the top of your head. You know your product, you understand your business, but use keyword research to put your customers into a scenario where they will find you. Once they do, move them through the funnel with Ad Campaigns orchestrated around those steps, compelling ads written to meet the search criteria and landing pages such as product or category that relate closely to the keyword and search process.

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