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The 4 Moments Redefining How Canadians Shop

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Standard purchasing behaviours are changing, all thanks to the penetration of mobile. The shopping behaviour of Canadian’s is rapidly changing, and expectations have set the bar high for merchants. Did you know that 80% of mobile search happens where a computer is also available? Shoppers want answers, and they want them now! Mobile devices have facilitated “I want to buy moments” 24/7, with access to information at an all time high. Consumers are not only buying on their mobile devices, they’re researching too! In-store shoppers are on their devices looking for more information and reading reviews on your products. This change in buying behaviours has been swift. Think With Google collected data on how mobile is influencing consumers and created on infographic to report on the top 4 moments redefining how Canadians shop.


Source: Think With Google

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