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[Recap] SHOP.CA’s e.volution Partnership Conference

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Last night we attended SHOP.CA’s e.volution Partnership Conference. It was a night of networking, presentations and big announcements.

It’s been quite a busy year for SHOP.CA. With their official launch back in July of 2012, they have seen immense growth since then. From day one, SHOP.CA’s goal has always been to be the number one online shopping destination in Canada. In fact, comScore recently ranked SHOP.CA the fastest growing Canadian eCommerce business in Q4! Here are some key metrics to help visualize the success and growth of SHOP.CA during the past 6 months; currently, the site has:

– Over 15 million products
– 25 categories (soon to be 26!)
– 3,000 brands
– 140,000 members
– and 100 new suppliers signed since the beginning of Q4

There was also a lot of talk last night about “Win 3” (#SHOPwin3 if you were following on Twitter). Essentially, SHOP.CA is focused on creating a win for the customer, the supplier and SHOP.CA themselves. Where everyone benefits, and everyone succeeds, together. Their focus is to be a disruptive force in the Canadian market, breaking rules and helping to change the eCommerce environment… pushing it forward.

After hearing about the success of the site, SHOP.CA then presented their Supplier Awards for 2012. One of the recipients happened to be one of our clients, Boathouse!

They won for “Fastest Sell Out“, with their Kozies (Adult onesie pajamas) being the product that had sold out the fastest on SHOP.CA. See picture above.

Later on in the evening our CEO Matthew Bertulli (@mbertulli) took the stage to announce some pretty big news: SHOP.CA Services Powered by Demac Media.

SHOP.CA Services is a cooperative approach to eCommerce, completely tailored to each merchant. Great eCommerce is agile eCommerce. With the industry constantly changing, the more “stuff” merchants try, the better they will be. SHOP.CA Services will offer merchants three different solutions to help them succeed with eCommerce:

A. Integration into the SHOP.CA Marketplace
B. eCommerce Implementations
C. AMP (Agile Merchant Partnership)

Integration for the SHOP.CA Marketplace

With our experienced integrations team at Demac Media we want to help merchants automate as much of their channel strategy as possible, even if they sell on multiple channels (e.g. SHOP.CA, Amazon, eBay, Wishabi etc), we’re here to help. Say good-bye to manual data entry, we’re here to seamlessly integrate your back-end systems.

eCommerce Implementations

Your eCommerce platform is the hub of any great commerce strategy. For SHOP.CA merchants who want their own site and platform, this service is for you. From user experience design (UX), to development and Integration, our team is passionate about build amazing eCommerce solutions. In addition to the SHOP.CA Marketplace Integration we’re also here to offer integrated marketing services such as SEO/SEM, Affiliate Marketing and Conversion Optimization.

AMP (Agile Merchant Partner)

Finally, our Agile Merchant Partner (AMP) program is a fully managed platform and service offering. It’s essentially a vested interest in the success of our partners. The saying goes… “You be a great ___X___ (fill in the blank… eg. merchant, retailer, product expert), we’ll focus on what we do best… eCommerce”. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, please contact us.

So What Does This All Mean?

This about Demac Media, SHOP.CA and its valued merchants pushing towards the same goal. It’s all about multi-channel selling, it’s all about a cooperative approach to innovation in eCommerce. We’re here to offer a common set of best of breed technology, strategy and marketing solutions to push the frontier of Canadian eCommerce. So please stay tuned! We’ll be releasing an official press release with even more information and updates about SHOP.CA Services, Powered by Demac Media.


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