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How To Know When You’re Ready for Shopify Plus

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Last March members of the Demac Media team attended Shopify Unite in San Francisco, the first event of its kind for Shopify Partners and Developers. My colleagues returned to the Demac HQ in Toronto excited about the announcements made at Unite 2016, of which you can read about in our CEO, Matt Bertulli’s 4 biggest takeaways here.

It was clear to us after Unite that Shopify was changing the commerce landscape, and even more clear that Shopify Plus was becoming a leader in the mid-market eCommerce space. Shortly after Unite 2016, we were selected as exclusive Shopify Plus Partners among a talented group of peers!

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Since then I’ve had multiple conversations with mid to enterprise-level retailers and brands about the Shopify Plus offering. Instead of of rattling off a generic list of features that you can find on the Shopify site, I thought it would be more beneficial to help retailers and brands determine if they’re ready for Shopify Plus…

10 Ways To Know You’re Ready for Shopify Plus

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  1. Your orders are processing too slowly
  2. High-volume periods crash your store
  3. Cost of IT maintenance is rising as you grow
  4. You’re paying a large percentage of transaction fees
  5. Want to build customer groups and segments who will see different price discounts, content, or promotions
  6. You’re looking to build specific shipping rules
  7. You’d like to have a separate site per region (e.g. Canadian site and US site)
  8. Need fully customizable front-end, especially on checkout
  9. Need to build complex promotions and behavioral based offers
  10. Require long-term support and a dedicated account manager

Do you relate to any of the above?

Chances are Shopify Plus could be a good option for your business. Commerce is prime for disruption, so selling online is less about merely being present, it’s about stepping-up to keep yourself competitive in an industry that is constantly growing.

According to recent figures by the National Retail Federation, web-only retail will grow 8-12% in 2017, compared to physical retail’s 2.8%. What are you doing to keep-up? Shopify Plus is going above and beyond to service retailers and brands looking for hyper growth. Those that are generating 6 to 7 figures per year; companies that foster a culture of change, that are willing to meet the needs of consumers.

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