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Mobile: Half the Visits, a Fifth the Revenue but still All-important: Demac’s Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q4 2015

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Earlier in the year, we warned you that 2016 would be the year that we talk about mobile extensively. Through 2015, mobile usage spread like wildfire in all fields, and in a profound way for retailers especially during the busiest time of the year. The insights we have collected and aggregated from our eCommerce customers in a number of retail categories speaks to this, particularly when it came to device usage. This rise of mobile commerce is particularly evidenced in our latest Quarterly Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report, released today and free for you to download by clicking the button below:

eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q4 2015 from Demac Media


The Buyer Journey from Point A to Gen Z

What does the rise of mobile mean for retailers? The insights from our data in the eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q4 of 2015 reveals that customers are taking a significant divergence from the traditional buyer journey, by way of mobile. Our findings show that while more than half of the visits for our retailers came from mobile devices, only a fifth of the revenue came from these devices. This indicates that mobile is being used to reference information, in advance of a purchasing decision. While mobile has not yet unlocked the huge potential of completing transactions on-device (and that time will come sooner than later), we must offer consumers the type of information and user experience they seek in making informed buying decisions.

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Mobile is redefining the traditional buyer journey, at the point of of decision to buy or not to buy. Keeping this in mind will be crucial to your strategy going forward. This is a new age of consumption, where a growing population of shoppers like Millennials and teenaged “Gen Z” want a seamless omnichannel experience between the physical and digital worlds and expect retailers to equip them with information to help them.

From who you’re targeting with your mobile offering and what information you make available on each devices, retailers must have a mobile strategy in place. Another interesting consideration: when we describe mobile devices, our report shows that more than half are still Apple iPhones.This data, plus key topics surrounding discovery, conversion and distribution are covered in our eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q4 of 2015.

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Learn how the influence of mobile is impacting the eCommerce evolution by with Demac Media’s Q4 2015 Benchmark Report:

eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q4 2015 from Demac Media


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