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In Retail Discovery Organic Search Reigns Supreme: Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q4 2015

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eCommerce Benchmark Reports

The number one concern for any merchant online is retail discovery. There’s no doubt that the process of persuading customers is slowly changing. Consumer behaviour dictates retail discovery, and retailers want consumers. You won’t be making sales if people can’t find your products. So what’s the right acquisition method for you to invest in?

Through the insights we uncover in our data collected from 50+ retailers across verticals, we answer just that question. In our eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q4 of 2015 we delve into the buyer journey and uncovered trends that will help merchants with their acquisition methods in 2016. Released quarterly, our latest eCommerce Benchmark Report is free for you to download today:

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Your 2016 Acquisition Mix Gets Social

In late 2015 we touched on the rise of social commerce and its increasingly important role in overall commerce. Social networks represent a huge opportunity for retailers, with billions of users engaging actively. In our Benchmark report for Q4 of 2015 the evidence shows that social has risen, and is quickly becoming the second largest driver of traffic for eCommerce merchants.

Organic Search Reigns Supreme

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Despite the shifts that we are seeing in customer acquisition and retail discovery, one major traffic source comes out on top – organic search. Since the first product was sold online, organic search has been the most valuable and largest source of traffic to eCommerce sites, and is still number one among our retailers. Consumers are still searching and finding products online organically, so you better be prepared to be found through optimization!

Organic search reigns supreme, but success is hard-earned over time and through good SEO hygiene. The data and insights in our Q4 of 2015 Benchmark Report reveal which acquisition channels out-perform the rest, plus more key information on discovery, distribution, and conversion.

Unlock Revenue in 2016 with the Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q4 of 2015:

eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q4 2015 from Demac Media

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