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Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q3 2015: The Move to Mobile

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eCommerce Benchmark Reports

eCommerce is quickly evolving in Canada, and around the world. Here at Demac Media we believe that knowing where you stand, and how to stand out, are key to remaining competitive in digital retail. Since we base our entire business on an open source software, we think that our data should be open source as well! Every quarter we collect analytics from mid-large size Canadian Merchants on Magento’s eCommerce platform to track the changes in our industry and provide a snapshot of how commerce is changing and advancing. The Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report is your source for information on the current state of eCommerce and the future of online retail in Canada, and beyond.

The great thing about eCommerce is that every step along the way is measurable, giving us the unique ability to provide merchants with the best solutions for their business. Year-after-year we measure our performance against ourselves, to improve and move forward with the latest trends and current insights in mind. For Q3 of 2015, we began to notice the role of device usage in eCommerce. Mobile is slowing becoming the main device for online shoppers to browse and buy online, making it a huge eCommerce influencer.

Move to Mobile

Kerry Morrison, Demac Media’s Chief Product Officer, touches on this shift to a mobile-first commerce world in our benchmark report. Kerry notes that for retail, mobile is the next frontier. Meaning, that there are just as many options available in commerce to help facilitate a mobile-friendly conversation, as smartphones and tablets have become a touchpoint in eCommerce and the buying process. You can clearly see that desktop is still the main device of choice for consumers, but mobile usage is increasing:

Demacmedia Benchmark Report Q3 Mobile

Leading By Example with Mobile In China

Alibaba, China’s largest eCommerce marketplace, is leading the mobile commerce revolution. The company heavily invested into mobile, even sacrificing revenue at times, and is now reaping all the benefits. During the country’s online shopping holiday “Singles’ Day”, 69% of gross merchandise volume was made on mobile. 2015 was the first time that more order came through on mobile over desktop for the company, a significant win considering most of China’s Internet users (88%) go online through their smartphones. Retailers in North America can look to the success of mobile China as an example of where consumer behaviour is heading, and where your eCommerce business needs to be.


What can you expect to find in our Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q3 2015?

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