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Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q3 2014

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eCommerce Benchmark Reports

We can’t believe that Q3 is already over and done! Yet again we’re all blown away by the outstanding performance of the eCommerce industry in Canada, and fully intrigued by the patterns of information we are able to collect and observe in our analytics. For the third time this year we’re excited to be bringing you a snapshot of our data as well as how Shopify and Magento merchants performed with our Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q3 of 2014.

It’s our pleasure to be able to share the data we’ve collected with merchants, eCommerce industry professionals, and digital enthusiasts alike. The information in our report provides real insight across the spectrum of eCommerce and the growth we’re seeing within the industry. Shopify is an amazing platform for merchants with growing brands, where Magento is open source and is perfect for larger merchants looking for a more robust platform. Both of their data really shows the underlying patterns we’re now starting to see with how eCommerce businesses operate and grow quarter-to-quarter in the ever advancing digital age.

Before we get into the full-swing of Q4, we hope that by sharing the Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q3 of 2014 that we can provide all parties interested a comprehensive overview of how the industry is currently doing, and where the industry will be heading (hint: mobile).


What can you expect to find in our Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q3?

  • Message from the Director of Sales of Demac Media
  • A Magento Merchants perspective of Q3 – Ren’s Pets Depot
  • Average and Weekly Conversion Rates
  • Average Order Values
  • Traffic Sources
  • PPC Statistics
  • Mobile Statistics
  • … and more!

    Our Quarterly Benchmark Reports are absolutely free to download. Hit the download button below or click here, to get yours today!

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