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Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q2 2015

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eCommerce Benchmark Reports

We’re excited to be bringing you our data from the second quarter of 2015! After an amazing Q1 for our merchants, it was great to see everyone’s performance in Q2 continue the momentum. eCommerce is rapidly growing and quickly evolving in Canada, and around the world. Consumers have been embracing technology, which has been bringing transactions into the palm of their hands and making it easier than ever to be buying online. The data we’ve researched and collected from our own merchants, reveals that new behaviours have been emerging and mobile devices are a key component in the customer journey.

The data we collect each quarter is from mid-large size Canadian Magento merchants and is great snapshot of how eCommerce is changing and advancing in the digital age, and reveals the current trends and patterns we see in the industry. We love being able to share our data with merchants, eCommerce industry professionals, and digital enthusiasts alike! The growth in our industry is exceptional and the information in our report provides great insight across the spectrum of eCommerce, and illustrates where we’re experiencing the most growth. The solutions we provide our merchants is vital to their success, and the great thing about our industry is that every step along the way is measurable.

We’re lucky to be working in world where we can look back to see how we’ve done year-after-year and measure our performance against ourselves, to always be improving and moving forward. Knowing where you stand and how to stand-out is the key to remaining competitive in digital retail. Our Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report shows that Q2 of 2015 ended on a high note with growth occurring where we wanted to see it, and as our industry ramps-up for back to school and the busy holiday season, we’re excited to see how the year will end for eCommerce!

For those unaware, Magento is a robust open-source eCommerce platform that offers best in-class service, and helps merchants with larger product catalogues and complex business processes with achieving and accelerating growth online. We find that eCommerce data (particularly in Canada), can be pretty hard to find. Since we base our entire business on an open source software, we believe that our data should be open source as well. If you’re interested in learning more about the Canadian eCommerce industry in general, or just how our merchants are performing, be sure to download our report for Q2 2015. Click on the button below:



What can you expect to find in our Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q2 2015?

… and more!

Our Quarterly Benchmark Reports are absolutely free to download. Hit the download button below or click here, to get yours today!

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