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Paid Search Pays Off For Retailers in the New Year: eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q1 2016

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2016 is off with a bang!

During the retail madness of Q4 2015, merchant’s saw sales soar through Direct Traffic. This spike comes from holiday gift shoppers heading directly to the stores they already know and trust. But what did retailers do in the first quarter to set the right foundation for a new year with new targets and goals? Download our latest eCommerce Benchmark Report to find out:

Retailers Bounce Back in Q1 with Paid Search

Sales in Q1 taper off as shoppers go through a post-holiday spending slump, but retailers boosted their revenues by investing in Paid Search traffic to keep a steady flow of customers coming to their stores.

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Seasonality and new platforms demand a portfolio of acquisition channels

Social platforms are generating more traffic and revenue for retailers than ever before, with Facebook leading the way in retail discovery among social networks.

Quarter-over-quarter, retailers should maintain a balanced portfolio of acquisition channels while accounting for seasonality in their business.

Want to find out which social network had the highest revenue per transaction?
(Hint: it wasn’t Facebook)

Learn which marketing channels drive the most eCommerce traffic and sales by downloading Demac Media’s Q1 2016 Benchmark Report by filling in the form below:

canadian, ecommerce, benchmark, report, q1 2015, statistics, mobile, commerce, retail, online, distribution, canada post

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